A Self-Care App For Your Anger & Emotions.

Be Less Angry Today!

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How Stew Is Helping Humans

"This anger journal really helps me think deeper. LOVE IT!"
"Stew is simple. I'm noticing I'm making better choices in specific situations."
"My impatience drains. I love the internal aspects with Stew to overcome it."
"I've been able to be less tempered at work, and I enjoy the nature sounds."

Be Accountable About Your Anger!

An Anger Management Self-Care App

Answer Five Insightful Questions To Begin To Self-Discover.

Data suggests that by answering insightful journal prompts with a first person perspective (“i” statements), it can allow ourselves full freedom to start to self-discover our understanding and what drives our anger triggers, anger & stress behaviors, our attitudes, and the consequences we possibly create.

The Breathing Center

Breathing Techniques

Stew’s core is built around diverse backgrounds with experience in philosophy, meditation, CBT, therapy, psychology and more. One of these features you can do right now is breathing techniques, they can help eliminate a specific problem. Take a deep breath, it’s good for us.

Notes + Days Angry Free Counter

How Many Days In The Future Will You Have Angry Free?

Need to say and do more than just the core questions? Welcome to Stew Notes+. Here you can find unlimited note taking and the awesome “Days Angry Free” counter. 

Immersive Nature Sounds

Listen To Nature While Writing, Thinking, Relaxing. Anytime.

Listening to nature can help calm the nerves and mellow the vibes. Enjoy four different nature sounds that you can listen to while writing an entry, studying, chilling. Anytime.

Bite-Size Little Challenges

Self-Care Challenges.

Learn and discover why we do certain things, building habits that benefit as we grow to be better humans. Everyday challenges that we can apply to our everyday life.